Friday, May 3rd @ 5:00-7:00pm

Please plan to attend our Gator Crawl Event!  Bring your entire family and

support the Tanglewood Middle School Fine Arts Programs! 

It will be a fun-filled evening!

Make Art

Buy Art

Have Dinner

Enjoy Rides and Activities

All funds raised go directly to Tanglewood Middle School, and this unique fundraiser allows the school to provide students with an extensive Band, Theater and Visual Art Programs. We encourage our school community and neighbors to join in the fun which will include, dinner, games, a student art sale, theater presentations, and a band performance.

This year’s Gator Crawl will be showcasing the popular Houston artist, Hahn Tran! We are truly grateful for all her time and expertise with working with our students and encouraging the Fine Arts! Come meet Hanh Tran and view her art as well as the student’s art at the Gator Crawl!!!


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Handy 2018-2019 Calendar!

Click below to see a list of all important events for the school year.

TMS Monthly Calendar 2018-19



Thank you to our Community Sponsors for the 2018/2019 School Year!



Tanglewood is Tremendous!

So much of what we do as a PTO involves volunteering and raising money. But we can’t overlook that one of the most important things we can do is spread the word about the incredible resource that TMS provides for our children. The hard work of our students and faculty is paying off!

Take a look at what Tanglewood Middle School has accomplished lately and what makes our school great. Be sure to share this information with your children and don’t be shy about sharing with neighbors, community members and local businesses, either. Let’s spread the word!

Below is a sample of a few notable achievements. Click here for a link to the full brag sheet. You’ll be able to download it, print it, or even put it on your refrigerator.


Did you know that our school was named one of the best public schools in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine?

TMS offers high school credits for  Art I, Theater I, Algebra I, Spanish I and II, Chinese I and II, Principles of Information Technology and Concepts of Engineering.

We have students who have qualified for the Duke TIP program.

Student artwork was chosen to be displayed at IB Americas Global Centre in Bethesda, MD

Beginning Band and Concert Band both have a Division I Superior Rating.

Our Theater Department has won 5 State Championships and 2 National Championships in UIL competitions.

We are Zone Champs in track, vollleyball, cross country, and baseball and our swim team has 3 District Championships.

TMS participates in the Special Olympics

We have 17 inductees to the Rotary International’s Interact Club

TMS is a No Place for Hate Campus

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Gator Pride at the School Store!

What can you find at the School Store? Our PTO volunteers can help you select ear buds, flash drives, school spirit shirts, P.E. uniforms, and school approved fleeces.

Merchandise and Price List:

Ear Buds, $5

Flash Drive, $7

School Fleece, $25

P.E. Shorts, $12

P.E. Shirt, $10

Spirit T-Shirt, $12

2018-2019 Hours of Operation 

Monday – Friday, 8:05 a.m. – 8:30 a.m

Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (closed on early dismissal days)



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Supporting Tanglewood Middle School

Passive Fundraising Logos

Your financial support makes a huge impact on the quality of education offered in our public schools. Please consider a donation to the PTO to support our remarkable kids. Your donation will be a part of a campaign that gives money for academics, arts, and sports. 100% support is needed and every dollar counts! Please consider supporting our school with a donation today.

How? It is very simple. You can download the donation form found under the “Fundraising” tab on this website and mail it or drop it by the front office.

You can also fund raise for our school when you are out shopping! Simply designate Tanglewood Middle School as a recipient in rewards programs for Randall’s, Kroger, Target, Lands End and Amazon Smile and our school will receive a percentage of their sales. Also, be sure to clip and save those Box Tops each month! By doing these simple things, you are earning valuable funds for our school.

Thank you for all of your help in raising money for Tanglewood Middle School! You are making an impact on our school and our community!





1.Now that our school is named, Tanglewood Middle School, how long can students wear their “Grady” spirit shirt and gym uniform?

Students (grades 6 through 8) will be allowed to wear Grady clothing through May, 2018.

 2. What is the school uniform?

Students may wear blue jeans or khaki shorts (knee length), skirts (knee length), or pants. A “Tanglewood plaid” skirt is available at Shirts must be either the school spirit shirt or collared polo-style navy blue or white shirts.

3. Where can I buy the school uniform?

Spirit shirts and gym uniforms are available for sale at the school store (located next to the cafeteria/auditorium)

All other uniform clothing can be purchased at either local clothing stores such as or at Old Navy, Target, Academy, Gap and Walmart or at

 4. Where is drop-off and pick up at TMS?

Drop off and pick up is in the front driveway of the school. Students are not allowed to exit or enter their vehicles on San Felipe Street. Drop off and pick up in the Del Monte neighborhood is discouraged.

 5. What HISD high school can my student attend after Tanglewood Middle School?

Although students promoted from Tanglewood Middle School are zoned to Lee High School, students also have the opportunity to apply to either West Side High School or Lamar High School using a boundary transfer. Students are also encouraged to apply to at least three HISD Magnet schools as part of their high school selection process.

 6. Can my student play sports in 6th grade?

Students may try out for the baseball team and wrestling team as early as 6th grade.

 7. What is a “Club Sport?”

Club Sports are sport programs that are not sponsored by HISD under UIL guidelines.

 8. What sports are available at Tanglewood Middle School?

6th grade – Baseball, Wrestling

7th – 8th grade – Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Swimming, Track, Volleyball and Wrestling.

9. What is the Tanglewood Middle School mascot?

Our mascot is the Gator.

10. How many students attend Tanglewood Middle School?

There are 730 students at Tanglewood Middle School.

 11. What language classes are available?

Spanish and Chinese

 12. What Arts are available at TMS?

Band, Art and Theater Arts

 13. What is the Art Crawl

The Art Crawl is the PTO’s annual fundraising event that showcases Tanglewood Middle School’s Fine Arts Departments (Band, Theater, Art).

 14. How can I get involved with the PTO?

Please contact the PTO at: [email protected] and let us know that you’d like to be involved.

Be sure to also visit our website:

15. What does International Baccalaureate World School mean for my child?

The IB learner profile describes the attributes and outcomes of education for international-mindedness. IB learners strive to be:

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-minded
  • Caring
  • Risk-takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective
  1. What does the IB Program include in middle school?

The program is based around five “Areas of Interaction”: approaches to learning (related to study skills), community and service, human ingenuity, environments, and health and social education. The areas of interaction are considered a key feature of the MYP. They are not generally taught as separate courses, but rather as themes that are reflected in all subjects through unit questions. The community and service area requires students to study and perform community studies and service throughout the program.

In addition to the eight subject groups, in MYP 5, students complete a long-term project (The personal Project) on a topic of their choice, with teacher supervision.



Meet Your 2018 – 2019 PTO Board Officers

2018-2019 Tanglewood Middle School PTO Board Officers – Please let us know if you would like to help in the following areas.

President – Bailey Kinney

President-Elect – Rhetta Detrich

Past President – Leah Eknoyan

Treasurer – Jill Germann

Treasurer-Elect – Julie Economides

Secretary/Parliamentarian  – Jennifer Dollinger

8th Grade Week – Jennifer Dollinger, Jill Germann, Christa O’Hara

Community Partners(Box Tops/Spirit Nights) – Leila-Scott Price

Communications – Meredith Zenner

Fundraising – April Bass & Bailey Kinney                           

Gator Crawl – Roseann Rogers Shah, Rhetta Detrich, Beth Kuzola, & Bailey Kinney

Gator Elite – Jennifer Moseley & Jennifer Consoli

HISD Liason – Bailey Kinney

Honor Roll – Rhetta Detrich

Hospitality – Suzanne Scheve

House and Grounds (Outdoor Education) – Becky Luman

SDMC – Bailey Kinney

School Store–  Valarie Clay & Victoria Ffrench

Teacher Appreciation  – Natalie Clark, Beatriz Havre, & Melody  Saueressig

Veteran’s Day – Bailey Kinney, Jill Germann & Julie Economides

Please note the PTO Meeting Minute Links Below:

Tanglewood Middle School PTO Meeting Minutes January 2019

Tanglewood Middle School PTO Meeting Minutes October 2018


PTO Forms to Download

PTO Cash Box Request

PTO Cash Box Total

PTO Check Request

PTO Reimbursement Request

Please print these forms as needed and place in the Treasurer’s box located in the school offices on the second floor.


Coming Soon…

Coming soon to our website will be photos of our volunteers in action and information about upcoming meetings and events.

Stay tuned!